Harry Winston exterior at Christmas

When it come to Christmas sparkle, New York City is top star. Up and down the avenues trees are sheathed in blue, gold and silver lights. Fifth Avenue blazes with fabulously conceived store windows and decorations.

Pictured here from top to bottom:

Normally a conservative player on the Christmas scene,  jeweler Harry Winston illuminated his building this year with glittering diamond medallions and strings of gleaming gems.

Giant Candy Canes on Skyscraper

Ralph Lauren Christmas Window a la Dr. Zhivago

Middle: gigantic candy canes climb a skyscraper on 57th Street.

Bottom: happily bucking the trend of headless mannequins in too many stores these days (making for deadly dull Christmas windows by the way) this window at Ralph Lauren shows why he’s king of display. Inspired perhaps by Dr. Zhivago, great drifts of snow and icicles adorn this gleaming interior. Graceful swans (why not!) take a winter dip among giant silver balls. The evocative scene manages to call up past Christmases and conjure up fantasies of what Christmas could or might be.


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