iced-coffee-strawIt’s summer. It’s hot. It’s time to kiss the heat in your kitchen adios. So ta-ta to hot coffee. See you again in September.

And hello to refreshing iced coffee. This summer, thanks to a few changes, my cold-brewed iced coffee tastes better than ever.

Ingredients for 4 tall glasses of Iced Coffee:

3 cups cold water
2/3 cup ground coffee (most recipes call for coarse-ground. I prefer the full-bodied taste of expresso ground)
Sugar (to taste)
Milk (whole milk wins hands down) 

 Fill a pitcher or jar with the water. Add the coffee and Give it a good stir.  I use quart Mason jars so I can just pop the lid on and let the brew sit at room temp overnight or for at least 12 hours. (You may play around with other ratios in this simple recipe, EXCEPT the 12 hours of time necessary for the coffee steeping).

 The next day, I take a second Mason jar, balance a fine, steel mesh, coffee sieve (reusable – as always Miss Thrifty) on top and pour in the coffee. A new purchase, this triangular sieve specifically made for coffee machines has a much finer screen than the one I was previously using and filters out almost all the grounds, producing coffee with a smoother texture and richer flavor. In place of that, you could also use coffee filters or a fine screened sieve.

 After a few hours chilling time in the fridge (or none if I’m antsy to get to the coffee) I fill about a third of a glass with the coffee concentrate. Another third is filled with a combo of water and milk. What probably makes the biggest improvement to my iced coffee this year is the switch from skim milk to whole milk, which tastes like creamy half and half in comparison to the thin watery, low fat stuff I’ve been swilling. And Dr Weill approves too, I’ll have you know. Ice cubes take up the last third of the glass. Now sit back and enjoy.

So far the coffee has fared well up to three days in the fridge.

So stow away your wallets at Starbucks. Get out those Mason jars and cool off with your own easy, delicious, cold-brewed iced coffee.

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