5 Steps to Hanging Your Hammock Indoors

Hanging a Hammock is not that complicated. The task, however, is intimidating when you do not know what to do, and when to do it. It also becomes an uphill task when you try to follow a dozen internet tutorials. But that should not burden you.

Below is the perfect guide. It shows you how to hang a hammock indoors in 5 simple steps.

Types of Indoor Hammocks

A hammock is a masterpiece. It comforts you beyond the traditional couch and bed. Did you know there are different indoor hammock types? The best include the:

  • Hammock Sky Brazilian Hammock
  • NOVICA Manaus Majesty
  • WeHammock Brazilian Hammock

Each bed represents real value and sophistication. You only need a few tools for propping the device.

how to hang a hammock indoors without drilling

Materials You Need

An indoor hammock is of no use to you if you lack a:

  • The best hammock that you love
  • drill
  • pair of s’ hooks
  • tape measure
  • chain
  • Stud finder
  • Pencil
  • set of hammock propping hooks

The items above take you closer to your goal. They serve a unique purpose. You must, therefore, buy them before installation. But before installation, you need to determine the right techniques to use.

Best Harnessing Practices

how to hang a hammock indoors ceiling

Hanging a hammock for the first time is a daunting task. You must adhere to manufacturer specifications for you to achieve the desired outcomes. Taking notice of the lateral distance between anchor points is, thus, a perfect start.

The professionals caution you from spreading an extended platform between short distances. Doing so affects comfort and balance when the device is in use. Considering the hammock height also matters.  You need to leave enough room between the floor and the hammock bottom.

It, however, boils down to the angle of suspension and distance between anchor points. A correctly hang hammock makes sitting and climbing on to the platform safe. Last but not least, you must find the perfect height for your anchor points.

How the Experts Do It

Installing the bed in steps makes your work neat. You only have to:

1. Mark the Spots

It is a no brainer you should find the ideal spot for hammock placement first. An empty room, for example, makes an excellent choice. You can also use up space with little to no obstructions.

Second, you must determine the length of the hammock. Doing so helps you find the right configuration for the bed. A long hammock requires enough range for propping. Hanging the platform along a wall’s length, therefore, makes sense.

Hammock length also helps you determine the ideal anchor spots. It is, however, a best practice that you hand the component at least 4-feet high.

2. Drill the Holes

You need two anchor points for the hammock. Harnessing can occur along a wall or between two partitions. The hammock’s length will always guide you. Next, you must find the perfect spot to drill.

A stud finder comes in handy for this step. It helps you locate the studs on a wall. The average Joe understands studs as central beams on a wooden partition. They form a perfect anchor zone.

How wide should your drill bit be? You must drill a hole that is thinner than the diameter of the s’ hook. A tiny hole holds the hook tightly. It, therefore, props the hammock in the right position regardless of the load size.

how to hang a hammock indoors without damaging walls

3. Install the Hooks

The hooks need to hold the hammock plus its load firmly. You must, for you to be effective, screw the pieces into the holes you created. Ensure, however, that the S’ hooks go into the studs instead of the hollow spaces present on the wall. You can then use a set of pliers to tighten the hold.

4. Repair Any Damages

Drilling through a solid wall is a messy affair. You at times, do more damage than good, even when you mean well. But that should not deter you from the primary goal, that of installing the hammock plus its components. Recall, you can repair any damage using caulk. Repainting the wall is also a major save.

5. Harness the Bed

Hoisting the hammock on the wall is hard but necessary. You must get it right the first time. Learning how to tie the chords is a superb assist. It allows you to prop up the device and achieve maximum support and balance. The right technique also ensures you detach and re-attach the hammock with ease.


People have for years believed that hammocks are devices crafted for the outdoors. Spoiler alert, they were wrong. These platforms are also ideal for home use. They provide comfort in crowded spaces where conventional beds cannot fit.

Also, they foster convenience, given they are easy to install or detach. It is by following the above steps, therefore, that you attach a hammock on the wall. 

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