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Happy Valentine’s Day Central Park

Oh, Central Park, what a mess you were during the Seventies and Eighties. Dead, burnt out grass. Overgrown weeds a machete couldn’t hack through. Playing fields choked with dust every time the wind blew. Debris and litter everywhere. By nightfall, you were a shadowy desert roamed by rogues looking for money and trouble. Daytime safety […]

With Sandy, Mother Nature Shows Who’s Boss

It was discombobulating. With all the destruction and massive flooding in lower Manhattan and outlying areas, the worst thing Hurricane Sandy did to my uptown neck of the woods was close the libraries. I was all set to return my DVD movies for a fresh supply when Sandy blew into town and knocked out power […]

Want a Robot to Open your Coronary Artery?

This week the FDA gave their blessing to the first robotic system to drive wires, catheters, balloons and stents from groin incisions all the way up to coronary arteries. This procedure called PCI, percutaneous coronary interventions (better known as angioplasty), restores blood flow to patients with coronary artery disease. Cardiologists were delighted with the announcement. […]

More Income Doesn’t Score More Happiness

People with a comfortable standard of living are obviously happier than people living in poverty. But research shows that once that level of comfort is reached, additional income does not buy additional happiness. Writing in the New York Times, psychology professor, Elizabeth Dunn, and Michael Norton, a business professor, claim that magic income number is […]

Super Cool Summer Drinks – Healthy too!

Sizzling summer days call for revitalizing frosty drinks. Here’s a luscious fruit based collection from Rodale, Prevention and Dr. Weil featuring 13 of their healthful summer beverage recipes: From Rodale, the 7 Best Drinks of Summer include a Metabolism Charger Smoothie, a creative mix of green tea, vanilla yogurt, mango and honey. Their Watermelon Health-Booster […]

Whole Milk Replaces Low Fat in my Fridge – Yay!

Strictly for health reasons, I’ve been drinking watery, gray-colored, low fat milk for years, pouring it over my breakfast cereal with zero enthusiasm. But now, thanks to an article by Andrew Weil, M.D. that I just stumbled on, I’ve finally gotten the happy message that low fat dairy products are not only not better for […]