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Free Summer Museum Admissions for Military Families

More than 1600 great American museums have opened their doors in welcome and offered free admission for all active military personnel and their families from Memorial Day through Labor Day. A collaboration between the National Endowment of the Arts, Blue Star Families and the Department of Defense, the program encompasses all active duty military forces, […]

Safety Tips for New York City Newcomers

For newcomers, New York City’s energy, speedy pace and wow cast of characters can be an assault on the senses, so here are a few safety tips to ease you into the NYC saddle. Number one: be constantly aware of everything and everyone around you. When my teen-age niece first visited me, I stressed this […]

40 Super Free Attractions in New York City

Yes, New York City can be jaw-dropping expensive, but among all the fat Manhattan wallets are fascinating and fun attractions that are 100% free.  A new BBC article in partnership with Lonely Planet highlights 40 of these free attractions with pertinent details. Many are off the beaten track, like the African Burial Grounds, a Brooklyn […]

Taking Photographs without Permission

I was rushing to an appointment in a newly constructed building near the East River when I passed a knockout crystal sculpture cascading into the lobby from the upper floors. Luckily I was toting my camera. But I had already been stopped by one of numerous security guards and questioned about my destination the second […]

China’s Bodacious Traffic Straddling Bus

The first time I saw an image of the weird looking Chinese bus — a gigantic articulated vehicle transporting 1,200 riders in the upper level while passenger cars swooped through the open lower level as the bus traveled along the highway — I thought, what the heck IS this thing? The closer I looked though […]

Hoof It for Purse and Health

When I first moved to New York City I used to make appointments all over the island without regard to location. Result: I wasted a ton of time sitting (or more usually standing) on buses and subways traveling to and from typical daily appointments. Since claiming a seat on a public conveyance here is pretty […]