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On the NYC Trail for Thrift Store Gems

This is an updated repost from early blog days when my biggest readers were frequently bots. When I was an illustrator, one of my models, looking as usual like a million bucks, told me that she usually shopped for clothes in thrift shops. With that knockout recommendation, I finally ventured into a Goodwill thrift store […]

Lessons from a Master Marketer – Trader Joe’s

Like many New Yorkers, I’ll stand in long lines patiently waiting to buy food in only one food market and that’s Trader Joe’s. Why? What does Trader Joe’s have that countless other food stores don’t have? And what can that master food merchant teach us about presenting our own products, services or even ourselves to […]

Thanking Job Interviewers by Hand or Email?

According to a post written by a young hiring manager at BI, sending handwritten Thank You Notes after job interviews felt “old” to her. “Ancient!” So not 2012! In an earlier post she stated the biggest mistake job applicants made was not sending her a Thank You Note after she interviewed them for job openings. […]

Our Towns in the Days of Penny Postcards

  Yesterday my cousin Mark sent me a link to Penny Postcards, a site he thought I’d find interesting. I did. Covering all U.S. states, it collects images of penny postcards showing our cities and towns in long gone days. Taking a nostalgic trip along Memory Lane, I visited the Connecticut town where I was […]

Razzle Dazzle Christmas Windows in NYC

Nobody does fantasy Christmas windows like Bergdorfs. The oohing and aahing among street admirers hit overdrive this year with two particular knockout displays. From the North, the snow queen, splendid in white fur, surrounded by white animal courtiers including a bejeweled polar bear. And from the depths of Neptune, a diaphanous creature floating through an […]

Scouting for a NYC Haircut That Won’t Bankrupt Me

My luck in finding great hair cutters who work for a song may have run out. The trouble started last year when my long-time hairstylist abruptly disappeared. After a few cryptic phone conversations, the awful truth came out. She had left the country and returned to her native Afghanistan to work for the US government. […]