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10 Spirit-Soaring Office Spaces

Who would not love to work in one of “The 10 Most Impressive Offices In The World” featured in Huh Magazine? Comparing these beautifully designed, whimsical, joyful work spaces to some of the dreary, deadening offices we have worked in is like comparing cathedrals to mole holes. How could you not feel good — not […]

Will Your New Home Unfold Like Giant Origami?

Thanks to MIT, a new concept in prefab home construction has appeared in the housing market. Instead of being factory built in the traditional way with limited wall and ceiling heights, then shipped to home sites on wide-load trucks, an expensive proposition requiring escort cars, the MIT prefab design is based on hinged steel frames […]

Allure of Living in 100 Year Old House

Yes, I know, my apartment ceiling in this 100-year-old brownstone exploded one night and crashed to the floor in a thunderous cloud of gray plaster dust. And yes, it was scary. And yes, it was a pain setting up camp in a nearby hotel for nine days while the joint was repaired. BUT the fact remains […]

Christmas Sparkles in New York City

When it come to Christmas sparkle, New York City is top star. Up and down the avenues trees are sheathed in blue, gold and silver lights. Fifth Avenue blazes with fabulously conceived store windows and decorations. Pictured here from top to bottom: Normally a conservative player on the Christmas scene,  jeweler Harry Winston illuminated his building […]

Autumn Brides Commandeer Central Park

Every time I turned around last week, there was another bride sailing into Central Park trailed by one, two or even three wedding photographers. Here, the bridal party poses in front of Bethesda Fountain with its brilliant backdrop of autumn foliage. This practical bride is wearing a warm jacket, unlike all the others I saw […]

Riding a Dolphin and Dancing on Labor Day

In a few days NYC residents will start piling out of their apartments, heading for beaches, mountains and country shindigs for the last long weekend of summer. The Streets will soon be blissfully quiet. On Labor Day you’ll be able to look up and down the Avenues and count the cars on a single hand. […]