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On the NYC Trail for Thrift Store Gems

This is an updated repost from early blog days when my biggest readers were frequently bots. When I was an illustrator, one of my models, looking as usual like a million bucks, told me that she usually shopped for clothes in thrift shops. With that knockout recommendation, I finally ventured into a Goodwill thrift store […]

Over the Top – CVS’s Maybelline Lipstick Price

At first I thought the $9.99 price for Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick at CVS was a mistake. I hadn’t bought that lipstick in a coon’s age or two, so I wouldn’t have been surprised to see the price take a bit of a jump, but not THAT high of a jump. When I found out the […]

Lessons from a Master Marketer – Trader Joe’s

Like many New Yorkers, I’ll stand in long lines patiently waiting to buy food in only one food market and that’s Trader Joe’s. Why? What does Trader Joe’s have that countless other food stores don’t have? And what can that master food merchant teach us about presenting our own products, services or even ourselves to […]

Cranking Up the Christmas Machine before Halloween

Oh boy! Over a week before Halloween and ALREADY the shelves in the 99-Cent store are stuffed with Christmas glitz. Stores roll out their Christmas goodies earlier every year, but this — with Thanksgiving more than a month away — is Crazyville. Or so I think till a little research informs me that 40% of […]

Oddball Google Searches, Mice Feet and Blog Visitors

Most readers get to my blog after fairly mundane Google searches. But some of these information seekers arrive with such peculiar, downright oddball queries, I can’t help but wonder about them. Here are a few of those singular queries (in bold italic, spelling and grammar uncorrected): “Which procedure is less expensive for funeral – creamation […]

Flimflam among the Lobsters and Baby Carrots

This week two firecrackers were lobbed into my personal food world. The first one came from — say it ain’t so – Zabar’s, a high end Manhattan deli that’s been satisfying my yen for smoked salmon and herring with onions and cream whenever I’ve felt particularly flush. It turned out the lobster salad Zabar’s has […]