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Savvy Buyers Scorn Big Brands for Generics

Why do people willingly pay more for national brands when they could save a bundle buying cheaper generics products instead? Simple.  A long-term study reported by Bloomberg shows that the more you know — the better informed you are — the more likely you’ll select less expensive generic products over more expensive big brands. Take aspirin, for […]

Why do Stores Covet Your Zip Code?

After paying for purchases with a credit card, I’ve always wondered precisely why stores asked me to hand over my zip code. Not that I gave it to them of course. I knew their request had to be for their own benefit – not mine. So I always gave them a fake number, one that […]

Chicken from China Sneaks in Our Back Door

It looks like the USDA pulled what my father would call “a fast one.” The agency waited for the  Friday before the long Labor Day weekend — when most Americans were already in holiday mode — to announce they had lifted the ban on chicken products imported from China. As if that weren’t startling news […]

Biggest Scam of All: Sham Weight-Loss Products

Bathing suit time is thundering up the road. After a year comfortably concealed under roomy, forgiving, cold weather duds, is your body ready? If not and you’re considering purchasing a weight-loss product that claims dramatic results in a remarkably short time, you might want to take a look at a recent survey by the Federal […]

Seven Ultra Frugal Food Tips

Okay, you’ve just been fired. Or another calamity has you running out of money at the speed of sound. Or maybe you just want to mercilessly cut corners to save money for a coveted object, trip or some other goodie. It’s time to hit the kitchen and see where you can squeeze money out of […]

10 Reasons Why Halloween Bewitches Adults

Based on completely unscientific polls and research, here are ten reasons why adults love Halloween to the tune of spending 80 billion dollars yearly: Sex (from men’s angle). The big interest for men on Halloween seems to revolve around female costumes. Getting downright droolly on the Internet, one male commented he liked Halloween because he […]