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Will Your Green Funeral Include Water Cremation?

If you’ve never heard of water cremation, as I hadn’t until I read about it in the Economist this weekend, it’s a process of dunking a dead body in a heated solution of water and potassium hydroxide.  Voila — a few short hours later the body dissolves into an inorganic liquid, which, if you are […]

Offbeat Storage Solutions with Recycled Gear

Bored with getting haircuts every few months and deciding to let my hair grow long, I suddenly found myself with little piles of new barrettes and elastic cords to tie the mop back. Not about to do anything as dramatic as cough up dough to purchase containers for them, I cruised around the apartment searching […]

Street Treasures Found and Lost

In an Antique store in Virginia, a friend spotted a desk wastebasket on sale that looked strangely familiar. When she turned it over she recognized the label that had been pasted on the bottom when she had thrown it out a few weeks earlier. That’s when she first discovered that antique store owners in her […]

From Wimpole Hall to Goodwill NYC

For kicks I just looked up the online price for an index, file card box. It’s been years since I bought one and I knew I was going to be surprised at the big price jump, as I always am when I go to purchase something that’s long ago dropped off my radar. But in […]

Recycling Household Gear

For a ridiculous amount of years, I purchased who knows how many tiny light bulbs to replace bulbs that were constantly popping and blacking out in my nightlight. In fact I also purchased zillions of nightlights because they seldom lasted longer than the bulbs. I don’t know who manufactured these items but their quality seemed […]

New Jewelry Box in Town

The cigarette box had outlived its function long ago. I still held on to it, both as an admirer of its silver beauty and as a remembrance of its owner. But what could I use it for now? A jewelry box for earrings? Maybe, but metal against medal would lead to inevitable scratching. And the […]