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Razzle Dazzle Christmas Windows in NYC

Nobody does fantasy Christmas windows like Bergdorfs. The oohing and aahing among street admirers hit overdrive this year with two particular knockout displays. From the North, the snow queen, splendid in white fur, surrounded by white animal courtiers including a bejeweled polar bear. And from the depths of Neptune, a diaphanous creature floating through an […]

Celebrating Autumn Golds and Thanksgiving

Autumn colors weren’t supposed to be so hot in the Northeast this year.  Too much rain, people said. Ha! So much for predicting the ways of Mother Nature who came through with a blaze of autumn colors that kept cameras clicking like mad all over Central Park for weeks. (Is there anybody in NYC that […]

Summer in NYC – Cool and Hot

On summer weekends in NYC you can stand in the middle of Madison Avenue and not see any traffic on the street for blocks and blocks. Bliss. After Friday’s mass exodus, city noises simmer down, the pace becomes more languid and space opens up all around. Many of New York City’s summer pleasures — the […]

Spring Quotes and Fifth Avenue Flowers

Spring has finally sprung in New York. Hallelujah! In celebration, here are some spring quotes along with photos of cherry blossoms in Central Park and tulips on Fifth Avenue. “I stuck my head out the window this morning and spring kissed me bang in the face” — Langston Hughes “Give me the splendid silent sun […]

New York’s Jazzy Free Exhibition of 650 Antique Quilts

Live long enough and the word “free” excites you not. Especially these days when “free” seems to often describe chintzo promotional freebies dreamed up to extract cash from you further down the line. A few days ago, however, I attended an exhibition at the Park Avenue Armory that was not only free, but was also […]

Happy Valentine’s Day New York

Today I’m making a big, bright red Valentine for the city I live in and love: New York. I’ve lived in other big towns and visited cities on three continents, but New York was the first place I felt completely at home from the get go. Prior to New York, I often felt like a […]