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Tulip Time: Mundane Matters Take a Spring Break

Marching along eastside avenues and blooming up and down side streets, spring tulips have blossomed in their radiant, annual show. When I first moved to New York years ago, I don’t remember particularly noticing the flowers. But every year since then, more and more tulips have popped on more and more streets in ever widening […]

Happy Valentine’s Day Central Park

Oh, Central Park, what a mess you were during the Seventies and Eighties. Dead, burnt out grass. Overgrown weeds a machete couldn’t hack through. Playing fields choked with dust every time the wind blew. Debris and litter everywhere. By nightfall, you were a shadowy desert roamed by rogues looking for money and trouble. Daytime safety […]

Christmas Sparkles in New York City

When it come to Christmas sparkle, New York City is top star. Up and down the avenues trees are sheathed in blue, gold and silver lights. Fifth Avenue blazes with fabulously conceived store windows and decorations. Pictured here from top to bottom: Normally a conservative player on the Christmas scene,  jeweler Harry Winston illuminated his building […]

Autumn Brides Commandeer Central Park

Every time I turned around last week, there was another bride sailing into Central Park trailed by one, two or even three wedding photographers. Here, the bridal party poses in front of Bethesda Fountain with its brilliant backdrop of autumn foliage. This practical bride is wearing a warm jacket, unlike all the others I saw […]

Riding a Dolphin and Dancing on Labor Day

In a few days NYC residents will start piling out of their apartments, heading for beaches, mountains and country shindigs for the last long weekend of summer. The Streets will soon be blissfully quiet. On Labor Day you’ll be able to look up and down the Avenues and count the cars on a single hand. […]

Our Towns in the Days of Penny Postcards

  Yesterday my cousin Mark sent me a link to Penny Postcards, a site he thought I’d find interesting. I did. Covering all U.S. states, it collects images of penny postcards showing our cities and towns in long gone days. Taking a nostalgic trip along Memory Lane, I visited the Connecticut town where I was […]