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Oh No! Here Come the Budworms Again!

In passed summers I have lost countless battles with budworms as they happily gorged themselves silly on my geraniums and petunias.  As tiny, newborn worms, they stealthily bored into tender, young flower buds and ate their way out, speedily decimating every bud in flowerpots. Fatter and feistier, they then feasted on every blossom in sight. And […]

Final Farewells in Wicker Coffins

As more and more people opt for green burial, coffins made of willow, bamboo and even seagrass have hit the funeral market. Unlike massive, heavily encrusted metal caskets designed to impress, the new willow caskets are less expensive, biodegradable and far kinder to the planet. A UK casket maker estimates that the new lightweight green […]

Is Genetically Modified Salmon Doomed?

When I first wrote about GM salmon two years ago, the genetically engineered fish created by AquaBounty Technology appeared ready to hit the market. The FDA had just pronounced the salmon safe to eat and final approval was expected that summer. Combining genes from 2 species of salmon with a peculiar looking pouter eel, the […]

Therapeutic Pot for Pets

When Christine L’s beloved Rottweiler was diagnosed with blood cancer in 2010, she couldn’t afford chemotherapy. Between vomiting and diarrhea, her dog was soon losing two pounds a day. Desperate, she turned to the Internet. Searching for ways to alleviate her pet’s suffering, she read about the successful treatment of human cancers with cannabis, which […]

My Cousin Mark Mugged In Manila

 I was working late last night when I gave my email a final check and found a message from my cousin Mark with the subject line: ”Phillippine Trip…….Help!!! Mark” His message went on to say (verbatim): “I’m sorry i didn’t inform you before leaving, Few days back my family and I made an unannounced  vacation […]

Marketing 101 – Delighting Your Audience

Let’s say you’ve got something to sell: a product, a service or maybe even yourself and you’ve got all the basics covered with an excellent product at an excellent price. Now what marketing tactics can you use to distinguish yourself from your competitors? AND accomplish that for zero dollars? Beyond all the practical stuff, have […]