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Kicking Budworms Off My Deck

After too many years of fighting budworms that destroyed my terrace flowers every summer, I finally said: “No more! Enough.”  I was through with spending money to feed legions of voracious caterpillars whose only aim in life was to transform my beautiful flowers into skeletal sticks sticking out of my flower pots. For the first […]

You’re Considering Buying Food from China?

If you’re thinking of saving some bucks and picking up some canned food grown in China, consider this startling piece of news. In a report, earlier labeled a “state secret”, the Chinese government recently announced that 20% of the country’s farmland is heavily polluted. As in loaded with cadmium, nickel and arsenic. Additionally, thanks to […]

The Best Place to Work When You Die – Google

Researching another topic, I was surprised to come across the super generous benefits Google pays to an employee’s family when that worker dies. Every year for the next 10 years the employee’s spouse or partner will receive half of that worker’s salary. The average yearly income at Google is $141,000. This means the deceased employee’s […]

Five Sensible Reasons for Eating Bugs

Put aside the ick factor and consider this: for many people around the world, eating insects is neither strange, disgusting nor exotic. Bugs are their food, their meals, what they and their ancestors have been eating for ages. Why? Number one – the buggers are packed with powerful nutrition. Comparing iron content, beef has  6 […]

Are those Singles in Your Wallet Worth Thousands?

Welcome to the world of currency collectors who are happy to pay serious bread for unusual serial numbers printed on dollar bills. Most people don’t notice these eight numbers on their money. I certainly never did until the Fiscal Times informed me “Fancy serial numbers can go for tens of thousands of dollars depending on […]

I Confess, I Stole from a Client

This theft happened years ago. It was not the first time I stole something, but it was the first time I misappropriated something from a client (let’s call her BJ), a person with whom I had a long, pleasant and fruitful relationship. Every season BJ’s PR agency conducted a New York show where all the latest […]