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Bye Bye Spam!

Are all the spammers on vacation? Taking sabbaticals? Maybe spamming new territories? This morning I checked the comment section on my blog, prepared to do the usual nuking of spam comments and… Wowie — there wasn’t a single spam message there. Amazing! Even on the first day my blog went live, spammers somehow climbed out […]

My Mac Undergoes a Stress Test

At midnight on Friday at the start of a long, three-day holiday weekend, my computer turned into a pumpkin. A very dead pumpkin. When I pushed the power button, it gave off a faint, sputtering glow, then instantly died. No power. Which meant — gasp — no computer for…how long? Finding kangaroos on Fifth Avenue […]

Recycling Household Gear

For a ridiculous amount of years, I purchased who knows how many tiny light bulbs to replace bulbs that were constantly popping and blacking out in my nightlight. In fact I also purchased zillions of nightlights because they seldom lasted longer than the bulbs. I don’t know who manufactured these items but their quality seemed […]

Shampoo Your Hands – Spare Your Cash

You can’t wash your hands with anything cheaper than bar soap. But ick – that slimy soap scum floating in the soap dish. If you’re a clean freak and get some kind of kick out of removing that scum on a daily basis, then okay – stick with your bar soap. If, however, household cleaning […]

Pull that Cable Box Plug…

And save $8.00 a month, which, I admit, doesn’t sound particularly impressive. But if you multiply that by ten years, my dears, you’ll be richer by almost $1,000. How is this possible? If you’re a big spender and subscribe to cable TV services above and beyond basic cable, you are unfortunately out of this money […]

Back-to-School Bargains for Grown-ups

Need a new laptop? Getting low on file folders, pens, paper clips or pads, etc? If the answer is yes, now is the perfect time to buy. Stores big and small are revving up their back to school ads and promotions, offering tons of money-saving items to tempt students into their stores. And riding those […]