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Did a Builder Swipe Your Home’s Mineral Rights?

If you neglected to read the fine print in your real estate contract or didn’t let a lawyer in on the deal, you may have kissed goodbye the mineral rights under your new home. Now that fracking — horizontal drilling for shale oil and gas — is invading residential areas, land developers and builders are […]

Rake in Over $400,00 a Year – Be a Stagehand

Little did I know when I was a member of the stage crew in high school, that path could have led me to Carnegie Hall where I could be making a cool $400,000 Plus as a stagehand. To be more precise, in 2011 the five full time Carnegie Hall stagehands earned an AVERAGE of $420.000 […]

Will Your New Home Unfold Like Giant Origami?

Thanks to MIT, a new concept in prefab home construction has appeared in the housing market. Instead of being factory built in the traditional way with limited wall and ceiling heights, then shipped to home sites on wide-load trucks, an expensive proposition requiring escort cars, the MIT prefab design is based on hinged steel frames […]

July 4th Quotes – Freedom’s Different Faces

  I was thinking about past Fourth of July holidays when I remembered getting off a long ago train and finding the streets of Paris alive with parties and parades and dancing in the streets. Celebrated on the 14th, shortly after our own Independence Day, it turned out to be Bastille Day. And what a […]

Chill Out with Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee

It’s summer. It’s hot. It’s time to kiss the heat in your kitchen adios. So ta-ta to hot coffee. See you again in September. And hello to refreshing iced coffee. This summer, thanks to a few changes, my cold-brewed iced coffee tastes better than ever. Ingredients for 4 tall glasses of Iced Coffee: 3 cups […]

Big City Micro Apartments with Yes – Micro Rents

Just when I thought major cities were never going to build affordable housing again — boom — along comes an article in Reuters telling us YES, micro apartments are now part of a hot new trend. Located in happening neighborhoods, these hostel-style apartments may be super cozy space-wise, often less than 200 square feet, but […]