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Why Are Debt Collectors Chasing 1 in 3 Americans?

That’s right. According to CNN Money, an Urban Institute study estimated 77 million Americans with credit histories — or one in every three — has debt collectors on their tail. Taking into account non-mortgage debt, including credit card and utility bills, car loans, medical expenses and child support payments, the average amount of debt in collections  […]

Kicking Budworms Off My Deck

After too many years of fighting budworms that destroyed my terrace flowers every summer, I finally said: “No more! Enough.”  I was through with spending money to feed legions of voracious caterpillars whose only aim in life was to transform my beautiful flowers into skeletal sticks sticking out of my flower pots. For the first […]

Are Stomach Balloons in Your Weight-Loss Future?

Recently launched in the UK and already used throughout Europe, new weight loss pills that inflate into stomach balloons are now in the investigational stage in the US. Here’s how they work. A patient swallows a large pill attached to a long catheter. Inside the pill is a balloon that’s inflated once the pill arrives […]

Best Deal in New York – Free Library Films

  When I first moved to the city I hit the public libraries around town mostly for books. In those days I often read a book a day.  These days I sometimes watch a movie a day, thanks to the library’s liberal borrowing policy of allowing card holders to borrow as many dvd’s as they […]

Why do Stores Covet Your Zip Code?

After paying for purchases with a credit card, I’ve always wondered precisely why stores asked me to hand over my zip code. Not that I gave it to them of course. I knew their request had to be for their own benefit – not mine. So I always gave them a fake number, one that […]

Why Do the Poor Make Terrible Decisions?

This post contains an article written by a woman living in poverty explaining why she makes what  seems like terrible decisions and an adverse response from another woman also suffering financial hardship. Members of the working poor, both women attend college with full-course loads  in addition to their jobs Both are exhausted ALL the time. […]