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Dutch Tulip Mania Began with a Virus

Contrary to popular thought, tulips didn’t originate in the Netherlands. They arrived as gifts from the Sultan of Turkey just as the Netherlands, enriched by its hugely profitable East Indies trade, was embarking on its Golden Age. Eager to show off their wealth, merchants built estates with luxurious  gardens that showcased this dazzling new flower – […]

No, I Won’t Answer Your Survey!

I’m halfway into the first paragraph when IT slides across the screen aiming straight for the spot where I’m reading. Then zip – it’s there! Another freaking online survey covering up and obliterating the article I’m trying to read.  NO, for the millionth time! I will NOT take a “few minutes” to answer a “few […]

Riding the East River and Stock Market Currents

Just popped in with this photo of a snappy pleasure boat on the East River taken on a more serene summer Sunday. This river, like the stock market, can be dangerous to people who fall in or attempt to swim in it. Once in, there are few places to climb out. And the river’s water […]

Why Should I Put More Money in China?

Before the recent dive in the Chinese microcap market, I made a decent profit trading small (but profitable) Bulletin Board Chinese stocks. Tinkerbell style bookkeeping occurred in a few of these stocks (a given in the BB game) and I got smacked accordingly, but in the end made out okay. This past week that market […]

Stock Trading Suspended…Uh-oh!

One minute after the stock market opened, I knew there was a problem. The stock (let’s call it ZXA) didn’t jump out of the gate, raring to go, as it usually did. But when two more of my Bulletin Board stocks also didn’t show any trades in the first few minutes, I thought it might […]