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Allure of Living in 100 Year Old House

Yes, I know, my apartment ceiling in this 100-year-old brownstone exploded one night and crashed to the floor in a thunderous cloud of gray plaster dust. And yes, it was scary. And yes, it was a pain setting up camp in a nearby hotel for nine days while the joint was repaired. BUT the fact remains […]

Off the Beaten Track – Extreme RVs

With winter closing in, it will soon be time to start dreaming about warm summer days and driving off into idyllic landscapes, maybe in your very own Recreational Vehicle. If you’re an American dreamer, you will probably expect certain civilized amenities in those RVs to coexist with your forays into the rustic life This CNBC […]

With Sandy, Mother Nature Shows Who’s Boss

It was discombobulating. With all the destruction and massive flooding in lower Manhattan and outlying areas, the worst thing Hurricane Sandy did to my uptown neck of the woods was close the libraries. I was all set to return my DVD movies for a fresh supply when Sandy blew into town and knocked out power […]

Tiny Houses – Streamlined, Slick and Smart

Many Americans have equated the size of their homes with their status. But after the recent twin implosions of the housing and financial markets, homebuyers began looking at large, showy homes in a different light and thinking in a more minimalist direction. Enter the tiny house movement, which has steadily been gaining steam all around […]

Goodbye to Budworms and Geraniums! Hello Dahlias

Last summer after budworms mercilessly devoured my geraniums AGAIN I finally threw in the towel. From then on geraniums and their unwelcome pals, budworms, were verboten on my terrace. Years before I had already thrown in the towel on petunias for the very same reason. Budworms: those evil pests that would insidiously devour my flower […]

100 Year Old House Ceiling Crashes in the Night

I was up late that Saturday night reading the Sunday Times when I hard an odd snapping noise. Snap-snap-SNAP — the snapping got faster and louder and suddenly burst into what sounded like powerful firecrackers going off. Alarmed, I jumped up, trying to figure out what was happening and where the scary sounds were coming […]