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Visiting NYC Museums for a Song or for Free

The man was part of the army of summer tourists visiting New York City. Which Madison Avenue bus, he wanted to know in a thick accent I couldn’t quite identify, would take him up to 82nd Street. Visiting the Metropolitan Museum I asked? Yes, he and his wife and two teenage children smiled and replied.  […]

July 4th Quotes – Freedom’s Different Faces

  I was thinking about past Fourth of July holidays when I remembered getting off a long ago train and finding the streets of Paris alive with parties and parades and dancing in the streets. Celebrated on the 14th, shortly after our own Independence Day, it turned out to be Bastille Day. And what a […]

Happy Valentine’s Day Central Park

Oh, Central Park, what a mess you were during the Seventies and Eighties. Dead, burnt out grass. Overgrown weeds a machete couldn’t hack through. Playing fields choked with dust every time the wind blew. Debris and litter everywhere. By nightfall, you were a shadowy desert roamed by rogues looking for money and trouble. Daytime safety […]

NYC to LaGuardia on the Cheapo M60

To catch a flight at LaGuardia during the Christmas holidays I could do one of two things: either grab a cab and cough up well over $40.00 OR jump on an M60 bus and pay a sweet little $2.25. I had already taken the M60 from FROM LaGuardia to New York City when time wasn’t a factor […]

Christmas Sparkles in New York City

When it come to Christmas sparkle, New York City is top star. Up and down the avenues trees are sheathed in blue, gold and silver lights. Fifth Avenue blazes with fabulously conceived store windows and decorations. Pictured here from top to bottom: Normally a conservative player on the Christmas scene,  jeweler Harry Winston illuminated his building […]

Off the Beaten Track – Extreme RVs

With winter closing in, it will soon be time to start dreaming about warm summer days and driving off into idyllic landscapes, maybe in your very own Recreational Vehicle. If you’re an American dreamer, you will probably expect certain civilized amenities in those RVs to coexist with your forays into the rustic life This CNBC […]