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Seven Ultra Frugal Food Tips

Okay, you’ve just been fired. Or another calamity has you running out of money at the speed of sound. Or maybe you just want to mercilessly cut corners to save money for a coveted object, trip or some other goodie. It’s time to hit the kitchen and see where you can squeeze money out of […]

NYC to LaGuardia on the Cheapo M60

To catch a flight at LaGuardia during the Christmas holidays I could do one of two things: either grab a cab and cough up well over $40.00 OR jump on an M60 bus and pay a sweet little $2.25. I had already taken the M60 from FROM LaGuardia to New York City when time wasn’t a factor […]

Please, Starbucks — Raise Your Brownie Prices!

Dear Starbucks: Enough already! I’m heading for a larger dress size yet again. And while I can pretend all these extra pounds jumped on my innocent frame because I’m “big boned” or “not doing enough exercise” or “a bunch of monster chocolate mousses forced themselves on me” you and I both know the truth. I […]

Could a Cheap Plane Seat Save Your Life?

Want to know which seats on a plane are safest in the event of (eek) a crash? Me too. In answer to these queries, producers of a TV special program in the UK outfitted a 727 with crash test dummies, cameras and sensors and crashed the airplane in Mexico’s Sonoran Desert (see video). The result? […]

Living a Debt Free Life

This updated post is about living a debt free life that was shaped perhaps by echoes of the Great Depression. A contented apartment renter in New York City, I have never bought, nor considered buying, a co-op apartment, a country house, a beach house or any other ritzy extravagance like a fur coat or showy, […]

On the NYC Trail for Thrift Store Gems

This is an updated repost from early blog days when my biggest readers were frequently bots. When I was an illustrator, one of my models, looking as usual like a million bucks, told me that she usually shopped for clothes in thrift shops. With that knockout recommendation, I finally ventured into a Goodwill thrift store […]