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Savvy Buyers Scorn Big Brands for Generics

Why do people willingly pay more for national brands when they could save a bundle buying cheaper generics products instead? Simple.  A long-term study reported by Bloomberg shows that the more you know — the better informed you are — the more likely you’ll select less expensive generic products over more expensive big brands. Take aspirin, for […]

Best Deal in New York – Free Library Films

  When I first moved to the city I hit the public libraries around town mostly for books. In those days I often read a book a day.  These days I sometimes watch a movie a day, thanks to the library’s liberal borrowing policy of allowing card holders to borrow as many dvd’s as they […]

Cheap Chick Peas and Zucchini Dinner for One

I’m always on the lookout for fast, inexpensive, healthful meals you can cook in one pot. Not much of a cook, I’m delighted to say I have come up with such a combo on my own – chick peas and zucchini – and it’s delicious. An excellent protein substitute for meat, chick peas are also […]

Visiting NYC Museums for a Song or for Free

The man was part of the army of summer tourists visiting New York City. Which Madison Avenue bus, he wanted to know in a thick accent I couldn’t quite identify, would take him up to 82nd Street. Visiting the Metropolitan Museum I asked? Yes, he and his wife and two teenage children smiled and replied.  […]

Chill Out with Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee

It’s summer. It’s hot. It’s time to kiss the heat in your kitchen adios. So ta-ta to hot coffee. See you again in September. And hello to refreshing iced coffee. This summer, thanks to a few changes, my cold-brewed iced coffee tastes better than ever. Ingredients for 4 tall glasses of Iced Coffee: 3 cups […]

Thoreau on Simplicity, Success and Stardust

  Henry David Thoreau’s “Walden Pond”, a celebration of solitude, simplicity and self-sufficiency, has inspired and instructed us since it was written in 1854. Thoreau’s ideas and insights about life, formulated while living alone with nature at Walden Park for two years, resonate to this day. On defining success, he said: “If the day and the […]