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Cheap Chick Peas and Zucchini Dinner for One

I’m always on the lookout for fast, inexpensive, healthful meals you can cook in one pot. Not much of a cook, I’m delighted to say I have come up with such a combo on my own – chick peas and zucchini – and it’s delicious. An excellent protein substitute for meat, chick peas are also […]

Food Fraud Rides Again in China with Bogus Beef

Oh boy. Food fraudsters in China ride again. Only weeks after the USDA reversed its ban on chicken processed in China and gave the okay for it to be served on American plates, another big Chinese food-fiddling story surfaced. To take advantage of beef’s higher prices over more lowly pork, greedy Chinese meat sellers took […]

Chicken from China Sneaks in Our Back Door

It looks like the USDA pulled what my father would call “a fast one.” The agency waited for the  Friday before the long Labor Day weekend — when most Americans were already in holiday mode — to announce they had lifted the ban on chicken products imported from China. As if that weren’t startling news […]

Lower your Blood Pressure with 5 Delish Foods

  Are you one of the 67 million Americans walking around with high blood pressure? Known as “the silent killer” hypertension is a stealthy stalker that can lead to stroke, heart attack and, further down the line, kidney failure. Typically it has neither warning signs nor symptoms. Many, who aren’t regularly checked don’t even know […]

Chill Out with Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee

It’s summer. It’s hot. It’s time to kiss the heat in your kitchen adios. So ta-ta to hot coffee. See you again in September. And hello to refreshing iced coffee. This summer, thanks to a few changes, my cold-brewed iced coffee tastes better than ever. Ingredients for 4 tall glasses of Iced Coffee: 3 cups […]

Will Food of the Future Come in Glasses?

If the vision of Soylent’s founder is shared by the world, we will soon happily drink a glass of his company’s powdered nutrients whisked into water for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And why would we willingly chug down glasses of  colorless, tasteless slush three times a day instead of enjoying plates of colorful, flavor-packed, satisfying […]