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I Confess, I Stole from a Client

This theft happened years ago. It was not the first time I stole something, but it was the first time I misappropriated something from a client (let’s call her BJ), a person with whom I had a long, pleasant and fruitful relationship. Every season BJ’s PR agency conducted a New York show where all the latest […]

My Cousin Mark Mugged In Manila

 I was working late last night when I gave my email a final check and found a message from my cousin Mark with the subject line: ”Phillippine Trip…….Help!!! Mark” His message went on to say (verbatim): “I’m sorry i didn’t inform you before leaving, Few days back my family and I made an unannounced  vacation […]

Marketing 101 – Delighting Your Audience

Let’s say you’ve got something to sell: a product, a service or maybe even yourself and you’ve got all the basics covered with an excellent product at an excellent price. Now what marketing tactics can you use to distinguish yourself from your competitors? AND accomplish that for zero dollars? Beyond all the practical stuff, have […]

Living a Debt Free Life

This updated post is about living a debt free life that was shaped perhaps by echoes of the Great Depression. A contented apartment renter in New York City, I have never bought, nor considered buying, a co-op apartment, a country house, a beach house or any other ritzy extravagance like a fur coat or showy, […]

More Income Doesn’t Score More Happiness

People with a comfortable standard of living are obviously happier than people living in poverty. But research shows that once that level of comfort is reached, additional income does not buy additional happiness. Writing in the New York Times, psychology professor, Elizabeth Dunn, and Michael Norton, a business professor, claim that magic income number is […]

My Least Fun Day – A Tax Audit at the IRS

There is no small talk during an IRS  tax audit. No chatting. No smiles. It’s been many years since my first (and only) tax audit but I well remember the deadening atmosphere of that IRS office. Up till then I had been in and out of the colorful offices of newspapers, publishing houses, advertising agencies […]