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Why Are Debt Collectors Chasing 1 in 3 Americans?

That’s right. According to CNN Money, an Urban Institute study estimated 77 million Americans with credit histories — or one in every three — has debt collectors on their tail. Taking into account non-mortgage debt, including credit card and utility bills, car loans, medical expenses and child support payments, the average amount of debt in collections  […]

The Best Place to Work When You Die – Google

Researching another topic, I was surprised to come across the super generous benefits Google pays to an employee’s family when that worker dies. Every year for the next 10 years the employee’s spouse or partner will receive half of that worker’s salary. The average yearly income at Google is $141,000. This means the deceased employee’s […]

Dutch Tulip Mania Began with a Virus

Contrary to popular thought, tulips didn’t originate in the Netherlands. They arrived as gifts from the Sultan of Turkey just as the Netherlands, enriched by its hugely profitable East Indies trade, was embarking on its Golden Age. Eager to show off their wealth, merchants built estates with luxurious  gardens that showcased this dazzling new flower – […]

Why Do the Poor Make Terrible Decisions?

This post contains an article written by a woman living in poverty explaining why she makes what  seems like terrible decisions and an adverse response from another woman also suffering financial hardship. Members of the working poor, both women attend college with full-course loads  in addition to their jobs Both are exhausted ALL the time. […]

Are those Singles in Your Wallet Worth Thousands?

Welcome to the world of currency collectors who are happy to pay serious bread for unusual serial numbers printed on dollar bills. Most people don’t notice these eight numbers on their money. I certainly never did until the Fiscal Times informed me “Fancy serial numbers can go for tens of thousands of dollars depending on […]

Big City Micro Apartments with Yes – Micro Rents

Just when I thought major cities were never going to build affordable housing again — boom — along comes an article in Reuters telling us YES, micro apartments are now part of a hot new trend. Located in happening neighborhoods, these hostel-style apartments may be super cozy space-wise, often less than 200 square feet, but […]