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Why Do the Poor Make Terrible Decisions?

This post contains an article written by a woman living in poverty explaining why she makes what  seems like terrible decisions and an adverse response from another woman also suffering financial hardship. Members of the working poor, both women attend college with full-course loads  in addition to their jobs Both are exhausted ALL the time. […]

Are those Singles in Your Wallet Worth Thousands?

Welcome to the world of currency collectors who are happy to pay serious bread for unusual serial numbers printed on dollar bills. Most people don’t notice these eight numbers on their money. I certainly never did until the Fiscal Times informed me “Fancy serial numbers can go for tens of thousands of dollars depending on […]

Did a Builder Swipe Your Home’s Mineral Rights?

If you neglected to read the fine print in your real estate contract or didn’t let a lawyer in on the deal, you may have kissed goodbye the mineral rights under your new home. Now that fracking — horizontal drilling for shale oil and gas — is invading residential areas, land developers and builders are […]

Rake in Over $400,00 a Year – Be a Stagehand

Little did I know when I was a member of the stage crew in high school, that path could have led me to Carnegie Hall where I could be making a cool $400,000 Plus as a stagehand. To be more precise, in 2011 the five full time Carnegie Hall stagehands earned an AVERAGE of $420.000 […]

Food Fraud Rides Again in China with Bogus Beef

Oh boy. Food fraudsters in China ride again. Only weeks after the USDA reversed its ban on chicken processed in China and gave the okay for it to be served on American plates, another big Chinese food-fiddling story surfaced. To take advantage of beef’s higher prices over more lowly pork, greedy Chinese meat sellers took […]

Will Food of the Future Come in Glasses?

If the vision of Soylent’s founder is shared by the world, we will soon happily drink a glass of his company’s powdered nutrients whisked into water for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And why would we willingly chug down glasses of  colorless, tasteless slush three times a day instead of enjoying plates of colorful, flavor-packed, satisfying […]