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Why Are Debt Collectors Chasing 1 in 3 Americans?

That’s right. According to CNN Money, an Urban Institute study estimated 77 million Americans with credit histories — or one in every three — has debt collectors on their tail. Taking into account non-mortgage debt, including credit card and utility bills, car loans, medical expenses and child support payments, the average amount of debt in collections  […]

Savvy Buyers Scorn Big Brands for Generics

Why do people willingly pay more for national brands when they could save a bundle buying cheaper generics products instead? Simple.  A long-term study reported by Bloomberg shows that the more you know — the better informed you are — the more likely you’ll select less expensive generic products over more expensive big brands. Take aspirin, for […]

Five Sensible Reasons for Eating Bugs

Put aside the ick factor and consider this: for many people around the world, eating insects is neither strange, disgusting nor exotic. Bugs are their food, their meals, what they and their ancestors have been eating for ages. Why? Number one – the buggers are packed with powerful nutrition. Comparing iron content, beef has  6 […]

Dutch Tulip Mania Began with a Virus

Contrary to popular thought, tulips didn’t originate in the Netherlands. They arrived as gifts from the Sultan of Turkey just as the Netherlands, enriched by its hugely profitable East Indies trade, was embarking on its Golden Age. Eager to show off their wealth, merchants built estates with luxurious  gardens that showcased this dazzling new flower – […]

The US Trails 20 European Countries in Healthy Eating

To be more precise, people in 19 European countries, along with Australia, eat healthier foods than Americans. For anyone who has traveled in Europe, this is not a surprise. Grown for taste – not hardiness or long distance travel –  luscious fresh fruit and vegetables are enjoyed everywhere and just about every western European meal […]

Why do Stores Covet Your Zip Code?

After paying for purchases with a credit card, I’ve always wondered precisely why stores asked me to hand over my zip code. Not that I gave it to them of course. I knew their request had to be for their own benefit – not mine. So I always gave them a fake number, one that […]