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American Workers Missing the Vacation Boat

Why are American workers left stranded at the pier while vacation boats are sailing off left and right without them? The primary reason: unlike other advanced countries, there is no law in the United States that says employers must grant their employees paid vacations–OR paid holidays. Result: 1 in 4 less affluent lower wage, part […]

Far Out First Jobs of Famous People

Early in their careers it’s perfectly easy to imagine young Jennifer Aston working as a waitress, Harrison Ford as a cabinet maker and Queen Latifah as a Burger King server (though I pity any customers who tried to give her any lip). But there are some famous people I have a hard time visualizing in […]

My Least Fun Day – A Tax Audit at the IRS

There is no small talk during an IRS  tax audit. No chatting. No smiles. It’s been many years since my first (and only) tax audit but I well remember the deadening atmosphere of that IRS office. Up till then I had been in and out of the colorful offices of newspapers, publishing houses, advertising agencies […]

Thanking Job Interviewers by Hand or Email?

According to a post written by a young hiring manager at BI, sending handwritten Thank You Notes after job interviews felt “old” to her. “Ancient!” So not 2012! In an earlier post she stated the biggest mistake job applicants made was not sending her a Thank You Note after she interviewed them for job openings. […]

Is Your Employer Underpaying You?

While working on staff at two different companies, I was startled when documents listing employee’s salaries somehow suddenly crossed my desk. Wow! Here I’d been wondering how much money coworkers were making and shazam – there were the numbers in crisp black and white. Twice! Both financial documents were enlightening, but the larger company’s payroll […]

Labor Day Quotes and Sliding down Rainbows

Do I believe in that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Only if we’re talking about Brigadoon. Still, it’s a pretty thought. Here are some other thoughts about gold, work, working and what many do best — thinking about working: “Sometimes it’s important to work for that pot of gold. But other […]