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The Best Place to Work When You Die – Google

Researching another topic, I was surprised to come across the super generous benefits Google pays to an employee’s family when that worker dies. Every year for the next 10 years the employee’s spouse or partner will receive half of that worker’s salary. The average yearly income at Google is $141,000. This means the deceased employee’s […]

Rake in Over $400,00 a Year – Be a Stagehand

Little did I know when I was a member of the stage crew in high school, that path could have led me to Carnegie Hall where I could be making a cool $400,000 Plus as a stagehand. To be more precise, in 2011 the five full time Carnegie Hall stagehands earned an AVERAGE of $420.000 […]

10 Spirit-Soaring Office Spaces

Who would not love to work in one of “The 10 Most Impressive Offices In The World” featured in Huh Magazine? Comparing these beautifully designed, whimsical, joyful work spaces to some of the dreary, deadening offices we have worked in is like comparing cathedrals to mole holes. How could you not feel good — not […]

Marketing 101 – Delighting Your Audience

Let’s say you’ve got something to sell: a product, a service or maybe even yourself and you’ve got all the basics covered with an excellent product at an excellent price. Now what marketing tactics can you use to distinguish yourself from your competitors? AND accomplish that for zero dollars? Beyond all the practical stuff, have […]

Making Money with Sticks, String and Soap

On New York City streets, enterprising musicians, dancers and artists have always been able to make a quick buck by showing off their stuff to passing pedestrians. But what if you want to make some fast money and your talents and training are limited? What to do? Well, if you follow the resourceful young man […]

The Pluses of a Job vs. Self-Employment

Over the years I’ve traveled back and forth between self-employment and salaried jobs. Whenever I switched my self-employment hat for my nine to five job hat, I could count on eight definite advantages: A salaried job meant a ringing alarm clock that couldn’t be ignored, which meant no more staying up half the night to […]