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Researching another topic, I was surprised to come across the super generous benefits Google pays to an employee’s family when that worker dies. Every year for the next 10 years the employee’s spouse or partner will receive half of that worker’s salary. The average yearly income at Google is $141,000. This means the deceased employee’s spouse/partner will be given an average of $700,000.

In addition, each child of that employee will be paid $1000 a month until their nineteenth birthday – or their twenty third birthday if they’re still in school. So any child going to college could receive roughly $275,000. The spouse of an average Google employee with two young children could easily be given a million dollars from the company.

I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised at Google’s generosity. This is after all a company that leaves others in the dust when it comes to employee maternity and paternity leave. New mothers can take 18 weeks of paid leave after giving birth.  And fathers can enjoy their new baby with six weeks of paid leave.

So it appears that Google has their employees covered at both the momentous times of birth and death. Small wonder so many job seekers dream of walking Google’s Mountain View campus.


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