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Rake in Over $400,00 a Year – Be a Stagehand

Little did I know when I was a member of the stage crew in high school, that path could have led me to Carnegie Hall where I could be making a cool $400,000 Plus as a stagehand. To be more precise, in 2011 the five full time Carnegie Hall stagehands earned an AVERAGE of $420.000 […]

Food Fraud Rides Again in China with Bogus Beef

Oh boy. Food fraudsters in China ride again. Only weeks after the USDA reversed its ban on chicken processed in China and gave the okay for it to be served on American plates, another big Chinese food-fiddling story surfaced. To take advantage of beef’s higher prices over more lowly pork, greedy Chinese meat sellers took […]

Chicken from China Sneaks in Our Back Door

It looks like the USDA pulled what my father would call “a fast one.” The agency waited for the  Friday before the long Labor Day weekend — when most Americans were already in holiday mode — to announce they had lifted the ban on chicken products imported from China. As if that weren’t startling news […]

10 Spirit-Soaring Office Spaces

Who would not love to work in one of “The 10 Most Impressive Offices In The World” featured in Huh Magazine? Comparing these beautifully designed, whimsical, joyful work spaces to some of the dreary, deadening offices we have worked in is like comparing cathedrals to mole holes. How could you not feel good — not […]

Visiting NYC Museums for a Song or for Free

The man was part of the army of summer tourists visiting New York City. Which Madison Avenue bus, he wanted to know in a thick accent I couldn’t quite identify, would take him up to 82nd Street. Visiting the Metropolitan Museum I asked? Yes, he and his wife and two teenage children smiled and replied.  […]

Will Your New Home Unfold Like Giant Origami?

Thanks to MIT, a new concept in prefab home construction has appeared in the housing market. Instead of being factory built in the traditional way with limited wall and ceiling heights, then shipped to home sites on wide-load trucks, an expensive proposition requiring escort cars, the MIT prefab design is based on hinged steel frames […]