The word POVERTY repeated in shadows

This post contains an article written by a woman living in poverty explaining why she makes what  seems like terrible decisions and an adverse response from another woman also suffering financial hardship.

  • Members of the working poor, both women attend college with full-course loads  in addition to their jobs
  • Both are exhausted ALL the time.
  • Unable to afford dental care, both know what it is to have crumbling teeth.
  • Unable to afford medical care (even low cost clinics COST), both have experienced prolonged pain.
  • Both women live paycheck to paycheck with zero funds for emergencies.

Though they yearn for higher paying jobs, they are limited by appearance from applying for them.  These higher-up-the-ladder positions are won by applicants with better clothes, healthier skin, better teeth and smiles.  (Anyone who thinks appearance isn’t a big part of an applicant’s offering is living in Dreamland).

After it was published,  Why I Make Terrible Decisions, or, poverty thoughts, written under a pseudonym, rapidly went viral.

Soon after and with a viewpoint on the opposite side of the fence, Tina Shang responded with A Response to “Why I Make Terrible Decisions, or, Poverty Thoughts.”

Their takes on poverty and decisions are especially compelling to read, I think, during this holiday week when many gather around feast-laden tables to commemorate our country’s first Thanksgiving.


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