Office in woods

Who would not love to work in one of “The 10 Most Impressive Offices In The World” featured in Huh Magazine? Comparing these beautifully designed, whimsical, joyful work spaces to some of the dreary, deadening offices we have worked in is like comparing cathedrals to mole holes.

How could you not feel good — not productive — working in one of these places? How could you not look forward to each day? All that luminous light and rich color and fun niches with welcoming spots to eat and work out, play games and even whoosh down three-story slides. How could these delightful environments not inspire creative juices?

I’m particularly drawn to the simplest design shown above. it’s the work place for Selgas Cano Architecture in Spain, connecting the staff to the changing seasons and natural environment. What worker in some bleak, colorless cubicle who never sees blue sky or sunlight wouldn’t sell his clock-watching, bored out of his sluggish soul for this?


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