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10 Reasons Why Halloween Bewitches Adults

Based on completely unscientific polls and research, here are ten reasons why adults love Halloween to the tune of spending 80 billion dollars yearly: Sex (from men’s angle). The big interest for men on Halloween seems to revolve around female costumes. Getting downright droolly on the Internet, one male commented he liked Halloween because he […]

Making Money with Sticks, String and Soap

On New York City streets, enterprising musicians, dancers and artists have always been able to make a quick buck by showing off their stuff to passing pedestrians. But what if you want to make some fast money and your talents and training are limited? What to do? Well, if you follow the resourceful young man […]

Please, Starbucks — Raise Your Brownie Prices!

Dear Starbucks: Enough already! I’m heading for a larger dress size yet again. And while I can pretend all these extra pounds jumped on my innocent frame because I’m “big boned” or “not doing enough exercise” or “a bunch of monster chocolate mousses forced themselves on me” you and I both know the truth. I […]

Is Popcorn Lung Lurking in Your Microwave?

At last — the weekend! Relaxed in your comfiest togs, you’re stretched out on the couch, feet up, with a great movie to watch and a big bag of buttery popcorn popping in the microwave. Bliss, right? Wrong. There’s trouble steaming in that popcorn bag if it contains an artificial butter called diacetyl, a chemical […]

Sewage Snow Coming to Arizona Slopes

This ski season, the snow making machines at Arizona Snowbowl Resort will be spraying treated wastewater (100% sewage effluent) on their slopes to make “snow.” The United States Forest Service approved the plan in 2005, but lawsuits brought by environmentalists and resident Indian tribes delayed its implementation until February of this year when a federal […]

Could a Cheap Plane Seat Save Your Life?

Want to know which seats on a plane are safest in the event of (eek) a crash? Me too. In answer to these queries, producers of a TV special program in the UK outfitted a 727 with crash test dummies, cameras and sensors and crashed the airplane in Mexico’s Sonoran Desert (see video). The result? […]