Is there anything more dreamily delicious than a gorgeous chocolate dessert? For me, no! It would also be nice if my chocolate treat didn’t have enough calories to sink a tanker and I could whip it together one-two-three. With that in mind I did some research and voila — here are a few chocolate dessert collections that will gratify your deepest chocolate longings with a minimum of calories and cooking time.

  • Starting out with the probably the healthiest and fastest recipe, My Healthy Eating Secrets dashes together the impossible — a chocolate mousse so nourishing and light on fat it can be eaten anytime as a snack. Really. Four simple ingredients, including Raw Cacao an unprocessed, unrefined chocolate that’s considered a  “super-food.” and Raw Agave, a natural unrefined sweetener, are tossed into a blender and poof — a few minutes later they’re transformed into airy, densely flavored chocolate mousse.
  • Also featured are recipes for guilt-free Chocolate Banana Ice cream and Chocolate Mousse Parfait.
  • All of Delish’s 16 chocolate dessert recipes contain a lovely 100 calories or less.  Another plus is their use of powdered cocoa to deliver heart-healthy antioxidants.
  • Boot Tracks, one of their super-simple recipes, is easily mixed in a bowl by hand if you don’t have a mixer like me. Then instead of ending up in a stove, the chocolate batter is spooned into a waffle iron, an entertaining procedure kids are sure to appreciate and enjoy.
  • Cooking Light calls their chocolate recipes “lightened, but still decadent.” An aficionado of velvety chocolate pudding, I cast my “Yes!” vote for their yummy sounding Creamiest Chocolate Pudding that comes in at a respectable 194 calories per serving.  But it’s their Hot Chocolate Fudge Cakes that REALLY get my chocolate motor going. I have vivid childhood memories of savoring hot fudge ice cream sundaes, the one and ONLY  thing I ever ordered in ice cream parlors.  Those hot fudge days are long gone, but not my memories of them. Memories that are apparently also shared by readers who tried out that recipe, and deliberately gave it less than the called for cooking time to insure the interior hot fudge retained its silky, runny texture.
  • For all the vegans out there who seem to be multiplying like rabbits lately, I also came across a recipe for tofu chocolate pudding. Judging from the numerous compliments the recipe received from readers, Its creator clearly knows his way around tofu.

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, a perfect time to score a gold star with one of these luscious, light chocolate desserts, don’t you think?

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