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Money is nice stuff and there are plenty of good reasons to have plenty of it. But there are also reasons why having barrels of money (as in “rich”) can sometimes be a big pain or downright trouble. Here are ten reasons I’m glad I’m not rolling in greenbacks:

  1. Nobody is pursuing me with arsenic tinged sweet talk and the goal of marrying me for my money.
  2. Friends and relatives don’t see me as a giant money tree and hit me up for “loans” left and right.
  3. Institutions and charities don’t see me as a royal bank and perpetually assault me with pleas begging for my “support.”
  4. No creeps are planning to kidnap me or a family member to score a rich ransom.
  5. I’m not bugged by an entourage of two-legged leeches (a.k.a. hanger-ons) shadowing my every move.
  6. Phonies don’t befriend me, motivated solely by what my money can do or buy for them.
  7. I never lose a wink of sleep worrying about rejection from elite clubs, uppity co-op boards or windbags who deign to schmooze only with big buck buddies.
  8. I won’t have to watch any possible bootstrap start-up venture of mine destroyed by poisonous infusions of big money.
  9. I’m not weighed down by the complex chore of managing millions — of deciding what to do with never ending piles of green stuff. Yes, there are money managers galore to handle all these pesky details, but which managers will be a lock on profit and safety and which are Bernie Madoffs in the making?
  10. I’m never annoyed by forgetting in which of my houses I’ve left my comfiest sweater, my smartest coat or some crucial documents. I mean what a pain. There I am in New York and that blasted dress that makes me look like a million bucks is hanging in my closet in Monaco thousand of miles away.

SUCH a drag. Yes, it’s nice to be free of all these rich people vexations.

How about you? Could you easily toss aside these reasons NOT to be rich?

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