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Hocus Pocus Food Prices and Packaging

At first glance I thought I had saved myself a quick four bucks buying a generic brand coffee creamer (White Rose) for $1.49 instead of the big name brand (Coffee-Mate) for $5.49. And why not? Though spotted in different stores, the jars appeared to be the same size, shape and color. Even their lids were […]

Sweet Potatoes – Numero Uno over Potatoes!

How many pesticides do you consume in a day? If you eat potatoes, instead of sweet potatoes, you chomp on lots more of these nasty chemicals. In fact potatoes contain so many pesticides (the EPA lists 90 for spuds) that removal of the skin, where the contaminants mostly hang out, is recommended. In an EWG […]

Adios to Back Pain and Big Buck Doctor Bills

The doctor pushed the hypodermic needle deeper into the epidural space along my spinal chord. It was my fourth epidural — a steroid injection to relieve (supposedly) lower back pain — but getting the gigantic needle IN was the problem and this one was the worst of the bunch. I was pulverizing the nurse’s hand […]

Upper East Side Ghosts and Halloween Quotes

    Not once in the twenty plus Halloweens I’ve lived in this Upper East Side brownstone have any Spidermen, Batmen, or little sparkly princesses knocked on my door, trick or treating. Nor have I ever seen any costumed kids canvassing for candy on my block. And why should they? They get far richer pickings […]

Why Should I Put More Money in China?

Before the recent dive in the Chinese microcap market, I made a decent profit trading small (but profitable) Bulletin Board Chinese stocks. Tinkerbell style bookkeeping occurred in a few of these stocks (a given in the BB game) and I got smacked accordingly, but in the end made out okay. This past week that market […]

Sorry, CVS, I Don’t Do Cashier Work for Free

Yes, I know CVS paid a bundle to tear out their cash registers and replace them with self-service check-out stations so customers would have the convenience (cough, sputter, eye-roll) of checking-out all their own items, but I for one will not be jumping on the CVS customer-as-cashier bandwagon in New York City. Number one, their […]