Today money is of no importance as I sit here and make a list of my dream Christmas gifts – presents I would love to find waiting for me under the tree Christmas morning.

  • First up: A special gift card from Apple that I could use at any Apple store in the world to buy any computer my Mac-loving-heart coveted for the rest of my happy life (because this gift card would make me mucho happy forever).
  • An airline ticket in my name that would fly me free anywhere, anytime. First class, natch, so I would never again have to squeeze into economy class  and suffer cramped arms, trampled legs, broken backs and belongings mashed flat in over-stuffed, overhead bins.
  • An enormous king size bed all comfy adjustable like a hospital bed, except visually a whole lot classier with some smart new design (a big challenge for Santa I know).
  • To go with that bed the fluffiest down quilt in North America as freshly fragrant as the sheets dried outside in the sunny, open air when I was a child.
  • A luxurious long mink coat to keep me toasty warm against the biting icy winds of Manhattan’s winter canyons with a thick collar to wrap around my frozen ears — a garment that no animals would have to die to produce (ain’t fantasy grand?).
  • A lifetime dispensation from ever having to clean my apartment or house or anything ever again because nothing is more boring or a bigger loop of wasted time and effort.
  • Ditto on never having to shop ever again. If I need anything — food, new shoes, printer ink, oil paints — poof! I’d snap my fingers and new objects would appear to my exacting taste.
  • A new apartment with –oh lordy — an ELEVATOR. For kicks I just spent a few moments calculating how many times I have climbed (and crawled) up and down my four flights and it’s strictly world record time, gang. This mythical apartment would also have tons of empty space and book cases so I’d never again have overflowing stacks of books, CDs, movies, papers and this and that toppling in every direction and clattering to the floor.

Amazingly I can’t think of any other gift wishes at the moment. The result I guess of being a card carrying minimalist.

On a more universal level I also wouldn’t mind having a sparkling wand I could wave around like Glinda, Oz’s sequined Witch of the North, to sprinkle magic dust over all the wrongs in my path (or hey, why not all the wrongs on the whole planet) to make them right.

How about you? What would you put on your dream Christmas gift list?

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