Are you looking for tempting salad and sandwich ideas to jazz up your brown bag lunches? Want to give the boot to the tired lunchmeat and tuna on white routine? Or maybe you’re ready to take your packable lunches up to a higher level. This collection of over 100 super recipes will beef up your lunch menu repertoire or maybe inspire you to jump on the brown bag lunch bandwagon if you’re not already aboard.

If you are onboard, you’re already enjoying the benefits of brown bagging it: eating more healthful meals, knowing your food sources, relaxing with pleasant eat-in lunches and of course, saving bucks (lots of bucks: a daily $10.00 restaurant lunch tab totals $2,600 a year. A $20.00 dollar a day big spender racks up a $5,200 yearly tab).

Reasons for not being aboard seem to center around the idea of missing out on lunch time networking, a reluctance to eat alone in a deserted workspace while work mates are out scarfing up lunch together in a noonday haze of camaraderie. The weak spots in that scenario could include fatty, fast food lunch destinations, lunch mates whom you would actually prefer not to see every minute of the work day and fellow workers who might also love to bring their own lunch to work in this iffy economy, but who are too chicken to be the first in the office to break out of the eating out mold.

Except for occasional lunch dates, I’ve always packed my own lunch whenever I’ve worked on-site and enjoyed a tranquil respite reading while eating it. Prepared in the morning, my favorite was a pasta salad with grape tomatoes, celery or peppers or whatever fresh veggies I had on hand, along with olives, capers and vinaigrette dressing. For desert, a bunch of grapes. A big snacker, I also packed little containers of dried fruits, trail mix and puffed wheat for all day munchies. All were tossed into a canvas carryall bag.

For those more organized in the culinary department or who transport warm foods, a bento box collection might be the ticket. These can be pricey, but would quickly pay for themselves with their sayonara to luncheonettes savings.

So for the brown bag lunch brigade and those considering joining them, here are 103 of the most creative recipes on the most streamlined sites (no over the top links) I could find:

  • 35 tempting sandwiches and salads to bring the typical brown bag lunch up a few notches: Country Living
  • 13 quick and healthy packable lunches with zippy flavor combos featuring full nutritional info: Cooking Light
  • 43 appealing and off the beaten track lunch recipes (that spicy Moroccan lentil salad sounds good): Recipe 4 Living
  • 12 easy, tasty, healthful recipes for brown bag lunches that save both calories and cash: Dallas Morning News.

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