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Phooey to New Year’s Resolutions and Goals

I’m not keen on celebrating New Year’s Eve in public places with raucous crowds, revelers determined to have a BIG night, dining room prices jacked up to the ceiling and food poorly prepared thanks to over-worked, over-steamed chefs. To this, add wobbly merrymakers weaving through the city on their way to getting blotto and it’s […]

Dynamite Christmas Gifts from the Jolly Guy in Red!

Today money is of no importance as I sit here and make a list of my dream Christmas gifts – presents I would love to find waiting for me under the tree Christmas morning. First up: A special gift card from Apple that I could use at any Apple store in the world to buy […]

Christmas Cookies – Healthy, Gluten Free and Beloved Classics

When I worked at a publishing house, extravagant, gift food packages flooded editor’s offices during the Christmas Season, but the biggest hit with the staff was always a tin of home-made cookies baked by an author who was also a divine baker. Scoring points for effort and thoughtfulness, freshly baked cookies make super holiday gifts […]

Does Beauty Boost a Résumé to Top of the Pile?

If you’re a male, yes — your handsomeness may well speed you along the hiring path. But if you’re a good-looking female — watch out. The green eye of jealousy could be waiting to trip you up and send your resume to Nowhere-Land. These findings are based on a study conducted by economists at Ben-Gurion […]

Moving to NYC: Plum Job, Tiny Salary and a Flasher

When I first moved to New York City I had a job at Harper’s Bazaar that paid a salary in the pitiful peanut range.  But thanks to miniscule living expenses, I had plenty of cash to splash around on eating out, weekend trips and all around fun stuff. I shared the rent on a two […]

Thanksgiving Quotes Beyond Top Turkey Day

Why confine expressions of gratitude to Big Turkey Day? Here are some well expressed quotes on thankfulness for every season, day and hour of the year: “We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” –Thornton Wilder “When our perils are past, shall our gratitude […]