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Cape Cod Memories in Dollar Jar

For vacation that year, it was the first time my famiIy – sisters, spouses, children, father – visited Cape Cod. Traveling from California, New York City and New England, we all gathered together in a rented condo on the shore of Hyannis Port. There we swam, sunned ourselves, enjoyed long leisurely meals and lounged on […]

20 Low Cost Slimming Snacks

Years ago while kicking my cigarette habit, I chowed down like crazy on carrot and celery sticks to keep from gaining all those pounds so often put on by ex-smokers. This worked so well, I pretty much continued on with slimming snacks to keep unwanted fat at bay. In addition to low calories, these snacks […]

From Wimpole Hall to Goodwill NYC

For kicks I just looked up the online price for an index, file card box. It’s been years since I bought one and I knew I was going to be surprised at the big price jump, as I always am when I go to purchase something that’s long ago dropped off my radar. But in […]

Recycling Household Gear

For a ridiculous amount of years, I purchased who knows how many tiny light bulbs to replace bulbs that were constantly popping and blacking out in my nightlight. In fact I also purchased zillions of nightlights because they seldom lasted longer than the bulbs. I don’t know who manufactured these items but their quality seemed […]

Flying 1st Class on the Cheap

Nosing around travel sites for bargain holiday airline fares, I was surprised to come across a ticket I had never heard of before: a Y-UP. Which turned out to be a discount First Class fare. Who knew there was such a thing? For most of us peons, our knowledge of First Class flying encompasses little […]

Thoreau – King of Frugal Mountain

There once lived a man who was, is and always shall be The King of Frugal Mountain. Born in New England, and a close friend of Emerson the poet, Henry David Thoreau lived in Concord, Massachusetts, where living close to the bone was considered a worthy path. But Thoreau, a Harvard graduate and aspiring writer, […]